Studio something is a creative collective of talented photographers. When you choose us, you know you'll have a personal relationship with an amazing photographer, but also have the reassurance that if anything goes wrong there's someone with the same skill and style to step in and help. We're big enough to have flawless systems and heaps of experience, but small enough that we're still giddy with excitement at every wedding, and still striving to create something perfect with you.


 With a timeless aesthetic, we aim to deliver soulful, evocative moments for you to treasure forever.

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We are curious and attentive - we offer a carefully crafted, boutique experience that allows us to work with you in creating something beautiful. We lightly apply a fine art approach to the frenetic, joyful event that is your wedding. We focus on the details, the movement, and finding moments of quiet intimacy in joyous celebration.

From the first time we speak until you first see your wedding gallery, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. You’re in good hands.


LIGHTNESS. For us, approaching everything with lightness allows us to be adaptable and flexible. Our style and our interactions are guided by this principle - we don’t interfere too much, and we do what we can to be accommodating. This lightness allows us to work with skill and creativity however you day unfolds (from inclement weather to unexpected delays).

TRUST. We deliver our best work when you trust us, and we request that you allow us the freedom to work to our full creative potential. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that we’re experienced and reliable. Your trust is important to us, and we will do what we can to earn and keep it.

WARMTH. Above all else, your wedding is a celebration of joy and love and happiness. We engage with you and your guests with warmth and generosity. If your parents have requests (even if you think they’re super cheesy!) we will do what we can to accommodate them too.


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Shannon and David embracing. David is standing behind Shannon kissing her on the ear while Shannon smiles.

 What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

Karl Lagerfeld

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Love Stories box 1.jpg